Saturday, March 21, 2020

I Discovered Sport

Although I've been out a couple of times this week to the bank and to the supermarket, DD hadn't left the apartment for over a week. She was quite happy staying in - we're an indoors sort of family. However, it's also been very cold and wet so the sitting on the balcony for a while every day, in the afternoon sun, to boost vitamin D wasn't happening.

This afternoon one of DD's friends asked her to go to the school with her roller blades. I also needed some fresh air and exercise so I went with her. DD's BFF was already there with her Dad and their dog. So they have to go out a few times a day to walk the dog anyway. The rule in Israel atm is that unorganised sport of no more than five people is allowed. And we are allowed to go for short walks in the nieghbourhood as long as we keep the 2 m distance.

Not only were we unorganised, we were disorganised as well so no rule broken there. DD and BFF went on their roller blades. The Dad had brought along a basketball and he was shooting hoops. I joined him. Not since school days have I played netball but I do remember that I liked being goal shooter best as I was ok at that - you didn't have to do much running.

It was actually fun. "Hey, this is fun!" I exclaimed. And a bit later as I chased the ball, "Hey look!, I'm running!" I know this is pathetic and I do keep meaning to get more active and fit but for the longest time I had bad knee problems - a bursitis and some other stuff. I couldn't run for ages but since then the knee things seem to have improved a lot.

Tbh, after a while shooting netballs did get boring but by then super-family had pulled out the frisbee. I took some photos of that while the dog took my place in the game.

Then it started to rain so we sheltered under the covered pergola, made some conversation phone calls, and went home. (Just kidding, of course we chatted.) We'd been out and active for two hours and here's the amazing thing.....

1. We felt happy and relaxed.
2. I served a late lunch and DD sat down and ate it all without a whole fuss about what she didn't like/want and what she wasn't going to eat.
3. For the rest of the afternoon we didn't have one blow up or even a tiny argument.

Obviously I knew the theory of this beforehand and I have tried to get DD outside during the week but she never wanted to and I didn't want her to come to the supermarket and bank with me, which were the only places I went to last week.

This coming week, we are so going for regular walks around the park.


  1. Sounds like a fun day an that fresh air and exercise obviously agreed with both of you. I had my first day out since Tuesday - it was sunny but -9C and windy so I was glad that I had worn my parka instead of my regular winter coat. We are allowed out to walk but only with people you live with - you are to keep six feet away from others.
    I did stop at the supermarket - lined up to get in as it opened and chatted with the two women ahead of me - keeping apart - then they let us in a few at a time and only a few cashiers were open - we had to form a single line and stand on the X's on the floor so that we were far enough apart. There was plenty of bread, meat, dairy, fresh fruit & veg but hardly any frozen items and the other packaged & canned shelves were pretty bare as their shipment obviously hadn't arrived as yet.
    Even though it was bitterly cold I enjoyed getting out and I am going to try to do it more often. There is a large conservation along the river just out back of my apt. so I can walk without coming into contact with anyone. I might as well since there really isn't much else to do right now. I may go into the office for a couple of hours next week but again, I'd go in early - travel on the subway is down 60% so plenty of room to sit away from others and only one caretaker will be in the church so I can just work in my office for a couple of hours by myself.
    Friends keep in touch via phone and email but I miss just being able to go for a coffee with a friend. Stay safe.

    1. I can't get my head around going out in -9C but I realize that it's what one is used to that counts, and having the correct clothing. Apparently coffee dates/meetings on zoom are all the thing. I downloaded it yesterday onto my phone and computer. I'm not sure what to do with it next. Do I just wait to be invited? Who knows, we're learning as we go along. Tale care. xxx

  2. I'm totally with you. I played footbll and catchb with the girls and we had so much fun. I was completely rubbish but it was exhilarating. Stay safe. Mich x

    1. I know, who knew after all these years that running around with a ball was actually fun.... for a while. You stay safe too Mich xxx