Thursday, March 26, 2020

R2BC - Back With A Linky

Planter meadows on my blacony
Reasons 2B Cheerful is back with a linky so we are a community small group again. Hooray! Here is the R2BC Linky  on Becky's Lakes Single Mum, and here are my reasons for this week of lockdown. 

Meadow Garden
After so much rain this winter and even into the spring, my planters on the balcony are looking like tiny meadows. I should do some gardening and plant some vegetables, herbs, etc... but in the Middle East, any greenery is welcome so I don't want to dig up my tiny meadows.

A Long View
I live on the side of a mountain, facing down into the valley. Opposite my building is a school two storeys lower than my apartment and further down the slope. This gives us a long vista over Jerusalem and the mountains beyond. However beautiful your garden might be, I think it's much easier to be in lockdown if you have a long view from your window. You don't feel so shut in.

The Kinneret
As of today the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) is only 44 cm from the upper red line. I.e. almost totally full to capacity. They will almost certainly have to open the Degania Dam and let water flow down the Jordan to the Dead Sea. This is hugely exciting in a region used to droughts. It hasn's happened in 28 years, since April 1992.

Being Home
I actually like being at home. I love my home. I like not having to jump to the alarm clock in the morning and being able to guiltlessly stay up as late I want. I like pottering about, cooking, organising, watching tv, reading.... I could be happy with this for another couple of weeks.

We, and that's a global we, are no longer sleep deprived.

Lots of helping initiatives have sprung up and are being shared on facebook. From shopping for those in enforced isolation to listening ears and emergency information and advice.

Videos Of Love
Our school music teacher, Na'ama Berlowitz, has been putting together short presentations and videos that are sent to all the children in our school via the class whatsApp groups. The latest is the school choir singing Yoter (More) with pictures sent in by the staff of them illustrating each line.

The song tells us that we have everything we need already, just ask for more of the good things: more love, more hope, more peace, more trust, more respect, more thought, more understanding, more faith, more God, more happiness, more soul, more prayer, more purpose, more life, and more togetherness. (Not necessarily in that order.)

Seder Night
The link above gives a brief explanation of seder night as well as the story of the last time it turned out very different than planned for us.

We went from planning to go to London to be with our family for Pesach (Passover) and specifically the first night for the seder, to arranging to go to friends in Jerusalem, to realizing that it would be just us two on our own, to hearing that one of the chief rabbis in Israel has allowed families to do the seder with Zoom. Ordinarily we'd not use any electrical devices as it's a holy day like Shabbat. So maybe we won't be so alone after all.

When the youngest present sings the refrain, "why is this night different from all other nights?" the full answer won't be written in the order of service this year.

Lots of hilarious jokes and memes. Not to make light of a very serious and for some, tragic, situation, but you need to laugh to save your sanity. My favourite from today was: Starbucks is closed so I made myself coffee, called my name out incorrectly, set fire to a $5 note, and then walked around the house looking for a place to sit.

From yesterday: I got so drunk last night I don't even know how I got home from the kitchen.

Clean Air
All this has been a plus for clean air and global warming. Pollution is down, greenhouse gases are down, less fossil fuel being used up, fewer trees being cut down, less building. Some have suggested that it's Mother Earth fighting back. Who knows? Whatever you believe. However, there's no denying that the natural world is benefiting from this pandemic.

Feel free to add your R2BC in the comments.
I wish you health and sanity, xxx


  1. Glad R2BC is running, I've just written my post. Glad to hear that you and DD are both well and still finding those reasons xx

    1. Thanks Emma. How's life in Cyprus? I can't believe you have to send a text before you go out. Actually I can because nothing is unbelievable anymore. Stay safe. xxx

  2. Glad to hear that you are both well - and I do envy you that balcony and view! Although I am happy to report that not only have more geese just flown over - returning in Spring - but I also saw my first two red-winged blackbirds out my kitchen window this morning! I face on to a wooded area and I normally do see a lot of birds come the Spring so I hope this is the start.
    I have cleaned my kitchen, my dining room and my bedroom so far - bathroom and living room are next!
    I went out on Saturday very early for a few groceries but don't think I'll go anywhere near a store until late next week. I have plenty of supplies so no need to go anywhere. I will go outside for a bit of fresh air tomorrow as I take out the garbage and pick up the mail - but I'll go out very early and shouldn't run into anyone - then I have a zoom call with the office.
    That is really something that the rabbi will allow zoom to be used - I expect it will be much the same for us over Easter. I had planned to host dinner this year but everything will need to be postponed. We don't expect to be out of lockdown until after Easter at the earliest and they are preparing the schools to stay closed for a lot longer - we've already been told that they won't open on April 6h its just not clear how much longer it will go on.
    Friends and I have been trading both funny things and things of interest. Once all the cleaning is finished I plan on doing a lot of online torus of the world's museums and art galleries.
    Did you see the video on Youtube of he ranting Italian Mayors? Not safe for DD - and it shouldn't be funny given all that Italy is going through - but it is hilarious if you care to check it out.
    Stay safe.

    1. I didn't see the mayors but I'll look for it. You sound in good spirits despite the situation. Woods are also a great view to have and I know what you mean by being uplifted when you see the signs of spring. And I agree that we probably won't be going back to school straight after Easter/Pesach. In Israel the numbers keep rising slowly so we have definitely haven't reached the peak despite the lockdown.

  3. From a well know Los Angeles executive...

    I literally said this to my wife last night: “Oh don’t move those, I need them for tomorrow they are my dress sweats, not my sleeping sweats”. :-)

    1. Lol, people here are talking about being in pyjamas all day and I'm thinking, what's the difference between pyjamas and how most people dress during the day. It's all tricot. I watch a vlog on You Tube call Darci Isabella (about a woman with 10 kids) and she showers in the evening, dresses for the next day and goes to bed in her clothes. Otoh, she lives on a homestead and hasn't yet reached menopause so I guess it wouldn't work for everyone.
      Stay safe and well Nicola. Lots of love xxx

  4. I love learning new stuff and I did from your post. As you know we share some of these reasons especially around home, community and our planet. I dream of living near the sea and mountains one day. Great to connect again and let's keep doing that #R2BC

    1. Yes, I hope Becky continues with the Linky. I have this fantasy that if the sea, or a large Swiss lake were in the valley below my home, instead of a shopping centre, everything would be perfect.

  5. Lovely to read all yoru cheery points, it sounds as if lockdown is suiting you and I like your mini meadows. I hadn't thought about having a long view, so I'm going up to the top f our drive tomorrow, where we can see miles to the South Downs as I think I am missing that, even if I do have loads of space. Stay well. Mich x

    1. Thanks Mich, I think you're in the best place ever if you're going to be stuck at home. Lots of love to you and your family too. xxx

  6. I love how many points you have, so lovely to read so much positivity. I had no idea where you lived, it sounds so beautiful, I will have to have a dig through your blog to read more :)
    It seems all this is suiting you and you are right, if you're on lock down no better place to be than home!
    I also like your little medeows!

    1. Thanks Cupcake Mumma. I used to read your blog so I'm going back to check out where you're at these days. Keep well xxx