Saturday, May 13, 2017

Al Fresco Reasons 2B Cheerful

DD's friend came over for lunch and they had the first al fresco meal of the season.

Truthfully, we are not very outdoors people and we prefer to eat indside even if the weather is fine. That and the fact that the balcony had gathered loads of 'stuff' over the winter and needed to be cleared, so we'd not got round to eating out yet.

We have lots of R2BCs to look forward to in the coming week. On Sunday evening DD's class are having their Lag B'omer bonfire. Sunday happens to be my day off and Monday is a holiday from school. On Tuesday my college class are out on a field trip all day so I get another day off. On Wednesday afternoon DD's swimming lessons start. So I'm looking forward to a great week ahead.

Mine was a short one this week but you can see more Reasons 2B Cheerful over at Michelle's Mummy from the Heart.


  1. I have to say that I'm not overly fond of eating outdoors either - if there's a bee or wasp within a mile it will find me! Plus, I see no fun in eating out on the sidewalk, two feet from traffic!
    That said, I did have a coffee outdoors yesterday. It was mild enough (with a sweater on) and I was with a friend who adores patio eating so I indulged her. There were no bees as yet (too cold)!

    1. I like to take my morning coffee out onto the balcony but it only happens on Saturdays as I'm not up early enough to do anything but gulp it down whilst packing DD's school food on all the other days.

  2. Short and sweet is perfect. I am very envious of you being able to eat Al fresco if you like. I'm looking forward to our Spanish holiday in a couple of weeks as I expect we will eat out everyday. Have a great week ahead. Mich x

  3. Enjoy the days off, and your balcony looks both pretty and cool, I'd like to eat there xx