Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Tuesday Tidbits #45 - Food, Sleep, Exercise And Visions

There may be a witch hunt
The Food/Sleep Conundrum
It's 10 pm and 3 hours after supper.
DD: Mummy I'm hungry.
Me: Then you need to go to bed.
DD: I'm not that hungry.

Not (Wo)Man of the Match
DD: The Dodge Ball Tournament was such fun! I loved it! We beat Third grade 2 and Fourth Grade 1! Next we might have to play Fifth Grade! I didn't know it would be such fun, I thought it would be boring but it wasn't!
Me: Did you play in your class team?
DD: No I cheered. I could have played. I had the opportunity to play but I like cheering.

She might be going to Hogwarts....
DD was twisting and turning in my bed, jabbing me with her knees and elbows.
Me: Why don't you go and sleep in your own bed?
DD: No, it's creepy in there. I keep thinking there're ghosts and I have visions of things coming to get me.
Me: Well get on your side of the bed then.
DD: I am on my side. You take up too much room.
Me: Well if you think this bed is too small then you can always go and sleep in your own bed.
DD: I told you I HAVE VISIONS!

Heidi's Children
Marta, the highly strung and emotionally unstable little girl, sells the strawberries she picked because all the other girls sold their strawberries and she was told to do whatever they did. When she gets home she sees that everyone was expecting strawberries for tea and she is distraught. She throws herself on the ground, sobbing and pleading forgiveness. Eventually she looks to the heavens and cries, "dear Lord, please will you forgive me even if the Grandfather won't forgive me?"

DD: Oh perleeeeze! Kill me now. She's so embarrassing!

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