Friday, January 6, 2012

Here's One I Didn't Make Myself

This week's Recipe Shed is all about healthy food. A very good way to start the new year. It's quite hard to think of healthy food in the winter as it's not the season for salads. The obvious answer is soups. I live with a 3yo who doesn't do soup brilliantly yet so it would be a waste for me to make it as we eat together. However, last night I went out to S's for the annual Winter Soup and Sweets Party (she does a summer party as well). The soup was minetrone.

Served with parmesan, croutons and pesto to put in the soup or on the sour-dough bread sticks that were also on the table with butter, of course. A glass of red wine and so far so healthy.

Desserts included an apple cake, a cheese cake with cranberries, brownies that were almost liquid chocolate and date and coconut truffles. I didn't put sugar in my coffee though.

As I didn't make the delicious soup and as you can find Minestrone Soup on google, I'm not actually going to post a recipe. Think of it as more of a Recipe Suggestion Shed. :~) But do click here and see how others have been more pro-active than I have on this one.


  1. I like the idea of a Recipe Suggestion. Sometimes that's all you need to inspire a meal. Next week's shed theme will be pies, if you have any thoughts!

  2. Thanks Keith, I love pies so I'll definitely put more effort into that one.

  3. Ooh... I LOVE Minestrone soup. Must check out some recipies to help me keep up my new regime ;-) I do make a lovely vegetable soup regularly that I use to boost veggie intake and avoid biscuit based snacks ;-)

    xx Jazzy

    PS: I'm about to tag you in my next post (related to my current one!!) I think you'll like it!!

  4. i'm surprised your daughter doesn't "do" soup yet - she eats so many other surprising things. My 3 yr old loves soups - when she wasn't so good at getting them into her mouth with a spoon i used to give her soup in a cup, or soup in one of those bowls with the straw built-in, so that when she gets tired of using the spoon she can slurp up the liquid via the straw.

  5. Jazzy - thank you for commenting, can't wait to find out about the tag (although I can guess that it may be to do with recent tweets between ladies of a certain age).

    Nicole - DD's ok with soup it just gets very messy. On reflection, maybe it's me who doesn't do so wekk with her having soup :)

  6. I was also going to suggest a cup as an option for getting your lo to have soup. Little Moo loves "Soopa Doopa" as she calls it, and thinks she's a real big girl getting to drink it out of a mug when she gets the chance :-)

  7. OK Vanessa, you've convinced me. Next week we try soup...