Saturday, January 14, 2012

LifeCircle2: Drawing A Line In The Sand

)The first LifeCircle assignment from @kateb is to complete the wheel of life below, grading yourself from 1 to 10 (10 being completely satisfied) in each category. I tried it on a couple of interactive sights and the resulting shape (when you join your scores) was a pleasant sort of conch (which I admit I tidied up a bit for the sake of aesthetics.) It's supposed to show where the kinks in the smooth wheel of your life need pumping up or ironing out. I don't totally get it as you could have a perfect wheel of discontented 1s - not a happy place to be in but certainly smooth enough to roll along. Anyway, I'm not technical enough to reproduce my efforts here so instead I'll give you a run down (literally) in words.

Romance/Significant Other 10 - Just kidding :)

Fun and Recreation 9 - As I wrote in my Introduction post, I am where I am at the moment and my fun is close to home. This is how it has to be for a while and I'm fine with it.

Friends and Family 8 - I'm blessed with both but the family bit is long-distance for most of the year so no physical support there such as back up for childcare, holiday meals together, etc... However, as I'm not relocating to London yet this isn't somethng I can change.

Environment 7 -  I have a nice home which I own jointly with the bank and I could easily do with spending quite a bit of money I don't have on improving it. However, I am so thankful that I don't have the insecurity and expense of having to rent. I live in a lovely area of Jerusalem and were Jerusalem situated in the English countryside just outside London my cup would be full.

Health 6 - Thank God, but I do need to lose weight and do a bit of stretching, etc...

Career 5 - I have one but I need to develop it in a way that generates more income. This is quite urgent.

Personal Development 4 - This is the area I want to concentrate on so that I'm in the best position and ready to do whatever it is I have the time and freedom to do in a few more years.

Finance 3 - A bit dire at the moment but DD goes into the state education system in September which is supposed to be free-ish.

See my conch? I'm only missing 2 and 1. Incidently, you can choose any categories for your wheel of life. So to use up the numbers and for the sake of a perfect curve...

Time-management 2 - The word procrastination comes to mind.

1 - Nothing I can think of. I am actually very blessed with the gift of contentment. Or it could be the curse of inertia, in which case it's an extension of procrastination. Yawn - I'll figure it out tomorrow.


  1. Thanks for commenting Becky. I didn't really do it properly but the scores I gave were approximate reflections on my reality.

  2. Looking forward to sharing this journey with you.

  3. Loving the conch idea! It sounds like you have definitely identified from this process what it is you want to work on. That's the main purpose of Wheel of Life really, so it's all good.

  4. Thanks Kate (again) - I was a bit worried that you'd be irritated by my not doing properly but youare right - I have identified the areas that I can work on now.

  5. The ability to count your blessings is a rare gift. I'm glad you possess it.

  6. Lots of positives which is great, I have also found it useful to really pinpoint the areas that need work. Love the conch!

  7. Thanks M-a-M, I agree with you that it's a good way to live and luckily, I'm a glass-half-full girl.

    CJ - yes I got away with the conch this week, but I'll try to stick to the rules next week ;)

  8. Some positives there. Good luck!

    from dbaskls

  9. I try to be positive whne I can. Thank you dbaskls.

  10. so nice to look at it objectively like that and give yourself areas to work on, makes it more doable IMO

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