Monday, January 23, 2012

The Biscuit Diet

It was a good MUMenTUM week this week, you can tell because I'm getting my post done early instead of giving myself an extra day to lose a bit more weight. Week 3 saw a loss of another 800g (almost 2lbs) which makes a grand total of 2.4kg (5 1/4 lbs) in three weeks. Hooray. To celebrate I'm also linking up to Kate Takes 5's Listography for the first time. This week's theme caught my fancy - with the emphasis on fancy as I'm not eating any of my Top 5 Biscuits - just drooling. Btw - the Listography is also a blog hop but I'm committed to dispaying the MUMenTUM linky and I think two on one post may get confusing - sorry Kate. So just know that the links below are for weight loss stories not biscuits. The biscuits are through here.


1. Squashed Fly Biscuits. You may know them as Garibaldi. Whatever, either you love raisins or you hate them. I love them and could eat a whole packet of these in one sitting, or even standing, easy peasy simple pimple.

2. The classic Chocolate Digestive. Expats have people bring them out and invite friends round for tea on the promise of a real chocolate digestive. Perfection in a biscuit no less.

3. Actually I'm not a chocolate person at all. I usually go for the caramel toffee option (if there is one). I really did discover stroopwafel (syrup waffles) in Amsterdam, long before they had them in Starbucks. I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. Then I discovered that one stroopwafel contains an entire day's calories. Continue like that and I would be dying and going to heaven sooner than intended. So now I see them in the supermarket, aknowledge their presence and move on to the cottage cheese.

4. Merba Apple Pie Cookies made with the Famous Strudel Recipe. You know, the Famous one that tastes like Strudel? They come from America and I buy them in Israel. I joke about the advertising blurb but the thing is, they really do taste like apple strudel. And they look crumbly enough that I have been known to take them out of the packet, put them in a tupperware and take them as a gift to a dinner party. Well I never said they were homemade... although I never said they weren't.

5. For our fortieth birthdays, four women who had been little girls in primary school together went for four days to Paris. One of the highlights of our trip was tasting the macaroons in LaDuree. I don't know how many flavours they have but the shop is a rainbow of colours and every colour a different flavour. We ordered 12 macaroons of assorted flavours ("Surprise us.") and cut each one into quarters. Think of that scene from Harry Potter when they're sitting on the train trying all the every-flavour jelly beans (only not the nasty ones). It was quite magical actually.

6. Oh, are you only allowed 5 on the list? Sorry it's my first time, I didn't know. Next time. My friend Sharon makes Golden Syrup Oat Biscuits. Golden Syrup is hard to find in Israel and it's expensive. However it does pop up occasionally. The trick is to buy it when you see it and give it to Sharon as a present. Clever eh?

So what are your favourite biscuits now or from childhood?


  1. I love your list as it is so different. Really interesting post.

  2. You are so naughty! You can't link a post full of yummy biscuits to a weight loss thread! Ohh I love garibaldi.

    Well done on the loss. Mich x

  3. ooo Im a macaroon obsessive, and the golden syrup thingys look awesome !

  4. OMG chocolate digestives - as an American with an English mother who visited England frequently as a child, these were our favorite treat. We always brought home several packages in our luggage.

    My parents recently returned from a few days in London & brought back an industrial size package of Cadbury Flake, which we don't get here (maybe due to the climate? I have no idea why). Didn't last long in my house with 2 adults & 6 kids.

    Oreos were pretty much my favorite domestic "cookie" as a kid, and still high on my list.

  5. And now after reading this I WANT BISCUITS!! Well done on your weight loss, I've done well too but now I'm off in search of biccies...chocolate ones.

    xx Jazzy

  6. Thank you Kate on thin ice, I try to entertain as well as tell it how it is.

    Mich - yes I can. But I agree it's a bit naughty. And thank you :)

    Alyson, the Golden Syrup thinys are awesome.

    Tesyaa - that Cadbury's thing for Expats is a biggy. There's a veritable chocolate route between the UK and Israel.

    Jazzy - just don't eat them all at once. :)

  7. Squashed fly biscuits? NO NO NO!! But you've redeemed yourself with chocolate digestives. Why, though, whyowhy does NOBODY appreciate Bourbon Creams?

  8. I have been being quite good aswell but that delicious looking post has made me very hungy for biscuit indeed!Congrats on doing so well so far!

  9. M-a Matron, I think Bourbons are chocolate so they wouldn't necessarily be my first choice.

    OSMum, I should have titled this The Biscuit Anti-Diet I think. Sorry for sabotaging your efforts.

  10. Very very naughty indeed LOL :-)
    But as the saying goes "naughty but nice" they look yummy.
    Thanks for linking up.

    Liska xx

  11. LIska - Naughty, nice and economical on the blogging :). Thanks for hosting as always.

  12. Good for you on the weightloss. I am more interested in how you did THAT than the biscuits, all of which leave me cold... lucky me!!!

    BTW after years of having people shlep out Golden Syrup so that I could make honey cake for RH, I recently found it in a local supermarket, 10 mins from my house!!! and it wasnt that expensive, when I worked out the price in sterling....

    Let me know if, and hwen you want some!!!

  13. Thanks Liz - I do see it around here quitr a bit but I think it is more expensive. Maybe prices are highter in Jerusalem? And as for the weight loss - another blog post my friend :)

  14. Oh Garibaldi... we call is dead fly cake (how did my mum ever got me to eat it??), yum yum

  15. @littleboo - and if i do ever see a dead fly I'm the first to run a mile. LOL

  16. Squashed Fly Biscuits - that made me laugh! Love them too!