Saturday, September 7, 2019

Back To School - R2BC

Good Bye Summer!
Here are my Reasosn 2B Cheerful for this week. The linky is back with Becky on Lakes single Mum.

Back to School (Obviously)
I'm only writing this because my actual classroom time doesn't begin until after the upcoming Jewish festivals, They're late this year so I won't be wall-to-wall scheduled until the end of October. That said, I am working at home and some hours at college but it's a whole different ball game when you're managing your own time. 

DD has started 6th Grade. She was chosen as a supervisor for the crossing guards - because she's sensible and she took it seriously. She also started gymnastics twice a week at the classes two minutes from home. This cuts out two taxi rides a week (we used to walk home) and she can go and return by herself. The teachers are the same as last year - they do different locations on different days, so they know her already.

I took the obligatory photograph of DD on the first day of school but am under strict orders not to share it anywhere. I posted some bougainvillea on facebook instead and got 120 reactions so that was some compensation as I wasted the morning liking other people's back to school photos. 

The weather has cooled
A bit. Or I could be imagining it. But the mornings do seem a bit cooler and the nights a bit colder at least.

I have builders in my apartment. This in itself is not a reason 2B cheerful but the fact that they started after three days delay and a lot of rescheduling appointments on my part, is great. 

I'm scraping the barrel here
I can't think of anything else. God's in his heaven and all's right with my world, for the moment. Pht pht pht. PGTGABW*

*Please God, thank God, all being well.