Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits 13: And Merry Christmas

After the 5-day snow siege during which I had to negotiate with a 5 year old every time I needed my phone, DD got a tablet for her birthday... 

Me: Turn the tablet off now, it's bedtime.
DD: Haven't you got any work to do on your computer?
Me: No, I've finished my work.
DD: I'm not finished on my tablet.
Me: OK, shall I do the dishes first and then you'll come to bed?
(I do the dishes)
Me: I've finished washing up. Time to go to bed.
DD: Why don't you sit down and have a cup of coffee for a while?

DD (Giving me a big hug): Oooooh how much I love you!
Me: How much do you love me?
DD: I love you as much as playing on my tablet.
Me: Oooh that's a lot.
DD: Yes it's a very lot.
ME: Who do you love more, me or your tablet?
DD: My tablet.

Taking this opportunity to wish everyone who's celebrating, a Very Merry and Meaningful Christmas. Love and Best Wishes from Jerusalem. xxx

And here's a song...


  1. At least she's honest! Merry Christmas. Sounds odd to me that you have snow and we don't!

  2. which one did you get her?

    1. The cheapest one in BUG. Samsung TEAC for 299 shekels. You can get them for 249 online and some other electrical places but I like dealing with bug. We actually got one with a dud battery and they swapped it for a new one for me.

  3. Certainly a new twist on "How Much Do I Love You?"!

    As for the video, don't think I've seen that one yet. A nice change from all the Christmas music I've been hearing since the end of October here in Toronto!

  4. Certainly a twist on "How Much Do I Love You?"!

    As for the video, thanks — it's a refreshing, clever change from all the Christmas music I've been hearing here (Toronto) since the end of October.

  5. You have a very clever and funny daughter! :D How are you getting on with the snow?

  6. The snow has mostly gone. And thanks - she's very funny.

  7. my kids loved their surprise Xmas tablets - shame son's is duff and has to go back!

    1. We also got a duff one and I had to take it back after 4 days. It worked plugged in but the battery was faulty. They gave me anew one.

  8. Oh she's quite the ticket you're little one! Love the song! Very funny.
    You must have posted this after I posted my one on Christmas Eve as I missed you on my blog rounds :-( But we did exchange twitter Christmas Wishes :-)

    Hope you both had a lovely Christmas.

    xx Jazzy

    1. Hmm just finding this now in 2021. I can't reember if we had a lovely Christmas tbh. It's not much of a day here. xxx