Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tuesday Tidbits 24: Shana Tova

At the school ceremony for Rosh Hashana. (It's a white shirt day for special days)

I bought a load of cheap sweets and chocolates at the new supermarket as they were such good value. However DD only gets sweets on Shabbat (Friday night/Saturday) so I put most of them away to ration out over the weeks. Last weekend we went to stay with friends who have twins.

On Friday before we left:
DD: Can I have some smarties?
Me: No
DD: I'm taking some. I am....
Me: I said, 'no.'
DD: I'm going to get some....
Me: If you take any sweets there'll be trouble.
DD: What will happen if I take some?
Me: I'll take all the sweets I bought this week and give them to the twins.
DD (with hands on her hips): Well THAT would be a waste of money, wouldn't it?

After three weeks at school and every morning being a struggle to separate with 'just one more cuddle,' and 'just one more kiss,' etc. And every morning I leave the classroom as the teacher is waiting to begin the lesson. (I'm not the last parent to leave btw and other children are sometimes in tears.) This morning as the bell went...

DD: Bye bye Mummy you can go now. (One kiss and a cuddle and that was it, I left.)

Shana Tova to everyone for a very healthy, happy, and successful new year. xxx


  1. Thank you and Shana Tova to you both, good health and happiness for the year ahead x

  2. Thanks MumB, to you too and all your family. xxx

  3. Gotta love the logic. I do candy on Fridays for students, but there's usually always one student in the bunch who threatens not to work on Thursday since I won't give it out THEN and it's THERE and they don't want it THEN. So I'm going to the store next week and stocking up on radishes for a bit of a joke for the next time someone is "starving" on Thursday. Makes me giggle because they're not little kids, they're older teens, but hardly anyone ever outgrows candy or stickers! It always makes me smile to see that. Well, for the most part, not the arguing part, though that's sometimes amusing too if they don't get too grouchy about it.

    1. As if some candy could stop you being starving. LOL.