Friday, June 23, 2017

Here Comes Summer - R2BC

Here are this week's Reasons to 2B Cheerful. I joined the R2BC linky at Becky's Lakes Single Mum

Shabbat On Kibbutz
Last weekend we went to one of my favourite places and spent Shabbat with my friends on their kibbutz.

Reports Finished
Yep. All done. And only one more week of school to go.

Water Slide Open
They opened the water slide at the pool. When we go for DD's weekly lesson we get there 20 minutes early so she has time to play in the pool before the lesson. This week we found that the water slide was open for the summer. DD rushed to go on it. As she crashed into the water at the bottom, she called out to me, "that's the best time I ever had in my life!"

This coming week I'm going to a wedding on a kibbutz in he north. My friends' son is getting married. These are friends from my teenage years and it's going to be a bit of a reunion of about seven of us from way back when we were all friends growing up in England.

DD will be sleeping over with a friend. Her first sleep away apart from when she stays with my sister and her cousins in London. I'm excited. She's not so sure but as I'll be out of town so she'll have to get on with it. Seriously though, she's eight and a half so she's old enough to know that one night comes to an end and I'll be back the next day. And she's staying with close friends who she's known all her life.


  1. Yay for the water slide and the summer holidays and I hope you really enjoy the wedding and the reunion and that DD discovers the joys of sleepovers xx

    1. She loved the sleepover. More in my next post.

  2. All great points. No. 3 made me laugh, oh to be that small and easily pleased again! Hope the sleep over goes well, and have an amazing time at the wedding!! :)