Friday, October 12, 2018

R2BC - Autumn

Basil by the kitchen window. In touch with my inner earth-mother.
It's still reaching the mid 20s during the day. We're still wearing sandals. DD still went to school in shorts and a tee-shirt today. But it feels like autumn and after a long hot summer, that's a great reason 2B cheerful this week.

It keeps on going. I had to go through my college papers to prepare lessons for the start of the semester and I found exam papers from up to eight years ago. I kept the most recent as we should keep them for a year or so after the exam, but the rest went out. Whilst looking for a grammar exercise, I flipped though a book that I know I won't use again as I already have better grammar books covering the same topics. So out that went too. We're talking, all in all, a whole big IKEA storage bin on wheels. I also threw out my cooking apron which has hung on the side of the fridge of over a decade and never gets used. Oh, and two old hair brushes. And still not done.

Art Class
Turns out that DD can do the Art Class after all. Hooray! She starts this coming week although the day hasn't been finalised yet.

That's it for this week. Short and sweet. The Reasons 2B cheerful is over at Becky's Lakes Single Mum for the month of October. 


  1. Autumn is warmer than usual here, but it's a welcome change from the hot summer weather we had this year. Glad DD can do the art class and well done on the decluttering, hopefully reading this will remind me of my vow to do more too

    1. Yes we are thrilled about the Art class. Less so that it's on the same day as Orchestra but at least the timing is ok.

  2. It's autumn here now, although we did manage a dip in the (very chilly) pool yesterday. My favourite time of year, still warm and can be hot in the afternoons, reaching high 20s some days still, but cool at night.

    1. My favourite too. You can feel it most in the early morning ad evenings. Bit, otoh, still too hot in the middle of the day for winter clothes.

  3. Once again you have a lovely range of reasons! So glad she can do the Art class

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