Sunday, July 12, 2020

Tomatoes But No Abundance - R2BC

A few weeks ago I cut up a tomato and planted it in soil.
Now I have three tomatoes growing. 
This week was productive. Who was it who said, "when you look back on days you were proud, they won't be days when you did nothing."? 

The Linky is with Becky on Lakes Single Mum and here are my Reasons 2B Cheerful this week. 

The End
I wrapped up three college courses and submitted the final grades to two of them. (The 3rd course has a retake exam at the end of August for those who need it (failed or absent).

Cleanliness is next to Godliness
Wrapping up those courses freed my mind to start cleaning my apartment which has been neglected for a few weeks. It feels good to restore some order and DD appreciates it too.

Abundance - Ha!
I walked away from Deepak Chopra's Abundance course. I still believe in the power of the mind but on the third session the task was to start your own course and invite your own friends to join it. In other words it was a scam to get more hits on DC's You Tube channel - where the sessions are located.

My friend who invited me was only doing it as part of her course. I thought she'd chosen me among her friends as a spiritually open person and I believed she had a calling to guide such a course among her friends. I'm cheerful because I had the sense to just walk away when my instincts told me to. It was abundance for Deepak Chopra that's who. My abundance will come and meanwhile, it freed up some much needed time in the mornings. Actually, I'm over-abunded with work atm.

I got a refund from DD's school in lieu of the class trips and other activities that didn't happen last semester. At least that.

Lots of bank and bureaucracy to deal with this week. Yes it's a hassle but I'll feel great when it's done.

Summer Course
My summer course starts in one week. I'm actually looking forward to setting it up on the website. It's something new this summer. I'm using more of the website's wigdets and gadgets for quizzes and forums, rather than just asking students to submit work.

Stairway to Heaven
The building committee in my block has sprung to life over the past couple of months. Suddenly things are getting fixed. This week our stairwell is being painted. I've set up a Paybox account to collect money from all the apartments. (Did I mention that I was coerced onto the building committee?). Let's see how much of a hassle this becomes. So far I'm only one who has paid up.

That's it for now. Have a good week.


  1. Yay to getting the work completed! I have never grown tomatoes. Well spotted on the DC course... Good luck with summer school and bureaucracy

    1. Yay me - I've just spent another day getting only half the next bit od work completed. Never grown tomatoes? You've never lived! Thank you and thank you. xxx

  2. It must be a relief to have finished up so many courses and be able to move on. I believe your summer course is online - correct? You must be well ahead of the curve in being able to set up for online earning.
    Sorry about DC - I'm afraid that I've always had reservations about these sorts of things but it must be very disappointing - especially as it involved a friend.
    I'm on the same boat as you when it comes to cleaning - with the heat reaching nearly 40C for the past couple of weeks lethargy has set in. I'm trying to do small jobs each day but at times I seem to make more of a mess than anything else! My dining room table always seems to be covered with something - either a pile of paper I'm going through, all those decorative boxes from IKEA that I've filled with "who knows what" - or yet another load of groceries that I'm wiping down - first with Lysol wipes - then with soapy water - then dry (it's a whole production line)! I'd just like to see the table again!
    I always seemed to get stuck doing the collections in past jobs - two jobs back I finally called a halt - I'd help with other aspects but not THAT! Good luck.

  3. Yes, it's a big relief to have got the summer course almost finished. I have two more question papers to write and the final exam. Somehow I still have 5 students trying the finish the Year Course but we are trying to be kind as many have been living in stressful situations because of corona.
    As for collecting money. I'm almost resigned to the fact that I might end up paying more than my fair share. If that happens, at least I have an excuse never to organize anything involving money again.
    Lovely to hear from you Margie. I was wondering if you were ok. xxx