Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tracks of My Years: Do You Know Where You're Going To?

This song was first in the British charts when I was 14 years old. I remember sitting at my desk in my bedroom doing my homework. Well I wasn't actually doing so much homework. I had just had my hair cut from very long into a bob with side-parting and no fringe. The hairdresser had blow-dried it to a sleek, straight, shiny finish. This lasted precisely one week - I could never achieve the look myself and, sadly, I have no photo of it. I was also enjoying a thin phase - I have had a wide range of weight throughout my teenage and adult life.

On this particular evening, owing to the coiffe and the slim figure, I loved myself. I thought I was the bee's knees. I could  hardly tear my eyes away from the mirror on my desk. And then this song came on to admire myself to. It was a perfect three and a half minutes. I had no idea where I was going to but, on that evening, I liked the things that life was showing me. I was full of hope for the future. And then back to the maths - or whatever subject it was.

BTW, I always wanted to see this film, 'Mahogany' that gave me it's theme tune - but I've never seen it anywhere and have no idea what it is about. I should google it I suppose. Also, if I try to remember a time that I was happiest with my self-image this is one of two pictures that always spring to mind. The other was aged twelve, wearing a short green skirt and skin-coloured tights, emptying the dishwasher and singing songs from The Carpenters. I don't know why I was so happy - emptying the dishwasher was the worst job - but I was.

This post was inspired by Jen at Mum In The Madhouse who has a regular Tracks of My Years post. And thanks Jen for teaching me how to embed a YouTube clip in the blog.


  1. My mum loved Dianna Ross and this was one of her fav's. You can add the video by clicking on share in You Tube and then Embed. Copy the highlighted test and past in HTML mode.

    Thanks for joining in

  2. I remember that song. I can't remember that hairstyle though ;)
    Have a good day