Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Simple Idea - MaryJoy

Zebider Zewdie, a nurse in Addis Ababa, came up with a simple idea. In a country and city where AIDS/HIV is rife, poverty endemic, death in childbirth common, there are few jobs, high rates of illiteracy, and scant healthcare; there are obviously many orphans, homeless and old people without means or family. 

Zebider Zewdie had the simple idea of building a community for these underserved people. She started what became the MaryJoy Aid Through Development centres. Centres where the lonely and outcast are welcome and given resources to put their lives back on a track. Where they are part of a supportive community and where they can belong.

A simple idea but with colossal effect on the lives of over 1 1/2 million Ethiopians in 63 centres. Huge. Just huge.

The ONEMums in Ethiopia visited a MaryJoy centre yesterday. This is what Michelle writes about it. Did you know you could sponsor a child for all their nutritional and educational needs, and give them a roof over their heads all for $10 a month?

Meanwhile I started a ONEMums in Africa Thunderclap. If we get 100 supporters in 14 days something wonderful happens. I'm not sure what exactly but it's worth trying to reach the target in order to find out, isn't it? Please click on the badge below and follow it through.

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