Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Downton And Discipline

You'll recall that my 'word' for 2015 is Discipline. One of the things I specifically mentioned in relation to discipline is that I am going to bed too late.

The talk in Jerusalem since last week has been all about the snow. Last year we had a particularly severe storm and were snowed in for five days! Hahahahaha, not Alaskan blizzards, about 10cm tops but Jerusalem grinds to a halt at the mere mention of snow. We're not set up for it because in the past it only happened once every three years so it's more worth it to shut down for a couple of days than invest in snow ploughs, etc. However, after last year's snowpocolypse they weren't taking any chances.

Snow was forecast for 2 pm this afternoon (it actually started early at 1.20 pm) so they announced no kindergartens, no school, no colleges or university for two days. LOL, I know, I know.

DD went to bed when she felt like it last night (although we did get all her homework done and it was double the amount because of the impending siege). I didn't get any work done as I was too busy discussing the weather, which hadn't even started yet, on fb. Then I decided it was about time I watched the first episode of season 1 of Downton Abbey.

I knew I'd love it as I grew up on Upstairs Downstairs (the tv series not the real thing). But I wasn't prepared for this. I posted on fb:

So 4 1/4 years late I finally watched the 1st episode of the 1st season of Downton Abbey. I loved it and when he announced they were at war at the end, I burst into tears. I think I can say I am well and truly hooked. No school/work tomorrow luckily, hee hee hee.

So I started to watch episode 2 because it would have been rude not to. On fb:

Rachel Selby It's a bit silly that episode 1 showed the end of the storylines from season 1, unless I accidently watched the last episode first. What's the point of knowing what's going to happen at the end?
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No one picked up on that so on I went: 

Rachel Selby I may watch episode 3 now as it's only 1.20 am. 
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The rest of the evening went like this: 

Rachel Selby 3 am. I could watch episode 5 and still be in bed by 4. Don't have to get up in the morning, right?
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Rachel Selby 4.30am. I really really really should go to bed. ............ 7
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Rachel Selby 7 is the last one in season 1. I'm such an idiot.
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Rachel Selby OH FFS!!!! I watched episode 7 first when I thought I was watching 1! I THOUGHT it was weird that they showed the end of all the story lines in the first episode and then went back four years. Oooof. I'll watch episode 1 tomorrow. I'm such a moron!
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I watched the real episode 1 this morning. 

My lovely friend Timna was kind to enough to remind me about my 'word' at around 1 am. At that point I couldn't even remember what discipline meant let alone how to implement it. 

I even dreamt about Downton last night (well early this morning actually). A bit crazy as dreams usually are. I had Sybil and Matthew running off to Manchester in the manner of Hodel and Perchik running off to Siberia. It should have been the chauffeur but come on, be real.

I noted that Chavaleh isn't everybody's favourite in this film but I was still sorry she didn't get her man. 

And that Tseitl is no Tseitl I can tell you, even if she too is determined to choose her own husband. I thought of the meme: Remember dear, Karma's only a bitch if you are. 

I have serious work to do tonight and yet I can hear the dainty clink of crystal wine glasses, the clip-clop of the horses preparing for the hunt, the bustle of life below stairs, ........ *sighs*


  1. Oh no! You have a whole heap to catch up on. We've just finished Season 5 here in the UK so all sorts has happened. Who is Chaveleh? And Tsietl? We keep getting threatened with snow but so far nothing has come of it. We might get some in March or something like that when it should be getting warmer.

    1. Tseitl, Hodel, and Chavaleh are the three daughters in Fiddle on the Roof who choose their own husbands, and there are some similarities with Mary, Edith and Sybil.

  2. I read that several times but I still can't actually work out what you did! Glad you finally discovered Downton though, its one of the very few programs I make to effort to find and watch (that and Call the Midwife and Mr Selfridge, oh and of course Doctor Who, cos I'm a sad addict!)
    and snow!!!! eek! It's so so cold here, (for us of course, not compared to actual cold places!) and there has been snow in Paphos which is very rare, bring on the summer so we can complain about the heat instead :)

    1. I stayed up all night watching the whole first season of Downton. However, I accidently watched the last episode first - it may have been my mistake or it may have been Popcorn Time that had them switched.

  3. Jealous of everything stopping in the snow. I have made the mistake of living in two countries now where that will never ever happen! Glad you are enjoying Downton! :)

    1. School started today at 10 but we only got up at 10 so we decided to have another day at home. The weather is horrible and there may be more snow later so they school may finish early and there may not be school again tomorrow.

  4. So glad that commenter 1 asked what I wanted to ask. You totally threw me there ha ha! So how come you can now watch it? Did you get the boxsets on DVD?
    Self "discipline" should be my word for 2015 as I have NONE. My word though is "elimination" as I am getting good, finally after the age of 40, at getting rid of clutter and no longer being a hoarder. Unfortunately I have decades worth of the stuff to wade through but finally in the right mindset.

    I have watched every single episode of Downton on TV but also have the box set of series 1 and 2. I was bereft when it finished this Autumn, but then I LOVED the Christmas episode which was superb.

    Hey I also grew up on Upstairs Downstairs. I remember ocassionally it was a bit saucy too if I remember rightly. I somehow remember being told to look away. Gosh we were a funny generation as we grew up on Dynasty and Dallas too LOL.

    Great post. Some parts of the UK got snow this year but sadly we didn't and Aaron's gutted as we didn't get any last year and he is desperate to make a snow angel. There's still hope though as it sometimes snows in February, despite Imbolc....

    Anyway, bye for now dearest,
    Liska xxx

  5. There are various websites that download movies and tv series for free. I actually watched Downton on You Tube because it was there. You have to see Fiddler on the roof - it's one of my all time favourite movies.

  6. Oh I ADORE Downton! And I grew up on 'Upstairs Downstairs' too and I loved it.
    'Discipline' as far as late-to-bed is concerned is for Monday-Fridays ...well Thursdays, and when there's no school/work! Thems my rules anyway ;) xx

    1. I also loved Gosforth Park but Downton is the best of the lot. Discipline seems to have completely out the window here I'm afraid and it's only Jan 20th. *sighs*

  7. You are absolutely right re fiddler on the roof. Have you finished them all yet - that Tzeitel just gets bitchier and bitchier.

    1. Yes I noticed that. However Chavaleh has found her her place in our hearts as she's mellowed and suffered. And Hodle did run off with the chauffeur - I wish I'd had the courage to write that in the first place. Yes I finished them all in about 2 weeks. Obsessive - moi?