Friday, January 2, 2015

Pirate Birthday Party

When you're 6 you sometimes need to have a Pirate Birthday Party....

I bought two swiss rolls. It's all in the presentation dontcha know. We have an extra candle for next year.
Pin the stuff on the pirate. 
First attempts were very good. I think the blindfold may have been faulty.
After that the pirate got a bit drunk - or the kids did, it was hard to tell.
Vegetarian sausages were added to the buffet, and drinks. 
There were pirate props. 
Some of the crew, also known as me hearties. 
There were clues around the house leading to the treasure chest. The first clue was at the centre of the pass-the-parcel. Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of the treasure - it was sweets in a chest shaped jewelery box. 
We were mighty fierce pirates. Arrrr! (This was manning the lifeboat in a game of Pirate Ship - Shore.


  1. Awww this looks like it was a great party!
    Well done for being so creative!
    Thanks for joining #singleparentlinky

  2. What a lovely theme for a party.

  3. Looks like a cool party.... lots of edible loot! And interesting punch by the sounds of it too!
    Happy birthday to your gorgeous girl :-) xx

    1. A little more alcohol in the punch and I could have had them all sleeping for the duration and just woken them up for the party bags. Now there's an idea for next year...

  4. Yes, one absolutely HAS to have a pirate party! I wish I had the pics of James' on my computer... Having lovingly dressed him in ace pirate gear (it really was a fabulous costume) he decided (five minutes before his guests arrived) that actually he wanted to be a Thunderbird instead. *sigh*

  5. Love the cake - I think that's what I need to do going forward! x

    1. My life is too short to create a birthday cake masterpiece. And there's a deal of competition on fb so it's easier to just opt out.