Thursday, December 1, 2016

Rain And Other Reasons 2B Cheerful

It's Raining!
I know I announced the first rain a couple of weeks ago but that was one short storm and then it stopped. Since then we've had major uncontrollable fires all over Israel resulting in over 1,000 homes being destroyed or damaged. A big part of the problem was that everything was still so dry from the summer.

Today the heavens really opened. I hope the trees and the land got as soaked as I did on the way home this afternoon.

There's nothing like a raging storm outside when you're safe and warm inside and no reason to leave the house until tomorrow. Lovely.

Problems Solved
I had some problems at work which were making me seriously consider how much notice a teacher needs to give in order to leave a teaching post in the middle of the year.

This week they sorted out the glitch in my contract that meant I was being paid for 8 hours a month less than I was actually teaching. Entering the third month of this, it was adding up to quite a sum of unpaid work.

And the problematic class that was making me miserable has been re-distributed and disciplined which makes life a whole lot  easier. It turns out that the behaviour problems weren't only in my classes but across the board. Phew.

Today I breezed through the school day and it was all rather calm and pleasant.

Good Photos
My friend took some photos of last week's gleaning which were much better than mine so I'm including them here. It's a good job her birthday wasn't one week later or  we'd have had to cancel. (Or go in the rain, but nobody does anything in the rain here.)

Happy Birthday!
It's DD's birthday on Sunday. Eight already. Nothing baby about an eight year old. I find this exciting and also a little sad. However, she's still young enough that she's always up for a cuddle and still says cute things.

As usual I'm linking up with R2BC which has returned to Becky on Lakes Single Mum, for the month of December.


  1. So thankful to hear that it's raining - hopefully it will be enough to get the fires under control.
    Glad to hear that the work situation has been sorted - it must have been very, very stressful - I have a umber of friends who are teachers, and quite honestly, after hearing some of their stories, I don't think you could pay me enough to ever do that job!
    Happy birthday to DD - she looks so grown with her shorter hair.

    1. The fires are out and the land around Jerusalem at least is soaked - it rained heavily through the night and has not stopped. The sky is still heavy with grey rain clouds. Re teaching - it has it's compensations like July and August for example. Seriously though, the thought that you never reach the end of term/semester and get a few weeks off is also a scary thought.

    2. I am glad that God is blessing Israel with rain.
      Myra, from Winnipeg, Canada

  2. I love it that they are still young enough to snuggle up for a cuddle, I hope that never dries up with my girls. My 13 year old boy doesn't really want cuddles any more! Great news about your class and hours being sorted. Mich x

    1. Let me know if the cuddles start drying up with our girls so that I can be prepared. :)

  3. They are gorgeous photos and happy birthday to your DD. So glad the work and dry issues got solved too. Have a good week xx

    1. Thanks Candi, there are still work issues but it's one less problem on the list.