Sunday, April 8, 2018

Reasons 2B Cheerful - Homecoming

The seder table good to go at my sister's house. 
Late this week but heartfelt. We spent another week in London and traveled home today. Here are my homecoming reasons 2B cheerful. I'm joining the linky which will be hosted by Becky on Lakes Single Mum for the month of April.

A safe flight.
I'm not a particularly nervous flyer but it's always a good moment when you land safely isn't it? In Israel we have the custom to clap  as the wheels touch down. It's sort of old fashioned and many people don't do it anymore but I'm not shy and I always have a good hearty clap. We only do it when we land in Israel, not on the outgoing journey.

No more polio.
Over the years various visitors have left loose change in my apartment. I had a nice bag of American $s and Euros to put in the collection bag towards eradicating polio worldwide.

You can't have everything. 
The woman next to me spoiled it a bit for me by questioning the steward about how much of it actually goes to eradicating polio and how much pays the fund-raisers. She works for a charity in Malawi apparently and later she told me she had been ill with malaria last week. WTF! But I think I actually had a vaccine against it once about 35 years ago so I might be covered. Glad DD was sitting on my other side by the window.

An easy flight.
We had to get up at 3 am to get to the airport for a 7.15 flight. It's horrible getting up so early but, otoh, we both slept for almost the whole flight.

A wonderful house guest.
Our house guest had left the apartment super-tidy, she'd brought in the mail, and left me a fantastic hairdryer that she bought here but doesn't need at home. Thanks Lesley - the hair-dryer is yours next time you come to Israel.

Our own lives
Back to our lives. Back to my own kitchen. Back to all our own things in all our own places. It became summer here while we were away which is nice after the London rain. (Of course I'll be yearning for cooler weather in about a week but c'est la vie.)

A pampered arrival.
It's 6pm. We ordered pizza for supper and we may be going to bed in just a little while.

Getting on with it.
You know how after a few days of holiday you are rested enough to start thinking and planning what you want to do when you get back to real life? And then by the end you can't wait to get started? By the time you get home some of the enthusiasm has already worn off and you're tired from traveling but it's still a bit exciting to be able to do things again.


  1. I know how you must have felt when that woman mentioned she'd just had Malaria but don't worry - it's not contagious unless it's through the blood - i.e. needles or blood transfusions that sort of thing - still - you'd think there'd be some sort of restriction on her travelling so soon.
    We used to always clap upon landing - now it seems to happen if it's been a horrendous flight - for whatever reason and people are just relieved to be home. Early morning flights are hard - hope you have a day or two to recover.
    I envy you the Summer weather - we are still freezing cold here - it feels as though Winter is never going to give up this year. But don't worry - we'll be complaining about the heat within a couple of months! :-)
    I've been on flights where they collect for one charity or another - to me it's a great way to get rid of all those odd coins in umpteen denominations that you'll probably never use again. Glad you are both home safely.

    1. We arrived home late yesterday afternoon and we both left the house at 7.30 this morning to go to our separate schools. As I got ready to go this morning I was thinking how nice it would be be to have a day at home to unpack and do the washing, shopping, etc. So no day or teo to recover but we'll wing it until the weekend. I already did one wash before work this morning. And I'll do another load tonight.

  2. Just to ease your mind...malaria doesn't have a vaccine, but is also not contagious, you have to be infected by a mosquito from very particular areas. So you were safe!

  3. Thinking and planning time is so important, glad you got some and are fired up to get started, AND had a good break and a safe flight! Not such good news about the passenger who recently had malaria, hope the worry about that goes away soon xx

    1. Well, thanks to Margie and Jo above, I now know that it's not contageous. And I now remember that my vacine all those years ago was for yellow fever not maleria. Still exhausted after one day back at work though.

  4. Ah glad you had a good trip and a good flight. I laughed out loud at the idea of this fellow passenger sitting next to you after telling you she'd just had malaria. I'd be thinking about all of the antiseptic hand gels and sprays!!

    1. Luckily it was only when we had landed that I spoke to her. She was suffering with ear ache on the way down and I asked her how she was feeling when we landed. I told I that I didn't say anything before as there was nothing I could do to help her. Then she told me not to worry as it was probably because she'd had maleria last week. We sat well back in our seats until she'd left the plane and them avoided her at the carousel. (But apparently it's not catching via airborne germs so we were ok anyway.)

  5. Coming home can be one of the best bits of a holiday! Glad the flight went smoothly..

    1. Thanks, yes it's exciting to go and lovely to come home.

  6. I secretly like it when people clap on planes! :D