Monday, December 26, 2011

Thank You Military Wives

Anyone reading this in the UK will obviously have heard this track. It has made the Number One spot in the UK charts for Christmas and so well deserved. I wanted to share it here for all my non-UK friends to hear and to document an important topical event.

It made me cry. Maybe because I live in a country where most of the men have been in the army and many of them do regular reserve duty for up to a month every year. Sometimes it's routine but at other times, in emergency situations, it can feel as though the northern border or Gaza are as far away as Afganistan.

I cannot imagine what it must be like to live in perpetual fear, as a single parent, while your husband is giving selflessly for the ultimate safety of us all. Thank you Military Wives everywhere, for the sacrifice and thank you these Military Wives for the music.


  1. Rachel. Yes the song and the video make me cry, but your words made me cry even more.

  2. Thanks caroline - and I extend the sentiments to sons who are serving aswell.

  3. I'm interested (and glad) that you've posted this video here. I've seen it before, of course, but I'm still moved to tears every time I watch it. You have already seen (and commented on) my post entitled 'Lest we forget' at - thank you. F.P.

  4. Thank you Phil. I did see (and comment) on your post and I agree that it is so important to acknowledge that some people are making big sacrifices for our safety and freedom. Thanks for commenting.

  5. As ever, stunning words on your blog. I cried when I first heard this song - which was watching it as the performance on TV. I was excited to hear that Chris Evans was moved enough to persuade the record companies to make this a 'single', I was adamant that this should and had to be the Christmas No.1 and mercilessly posted under MWC4xNo1 as often as I could and the sentiment that the husbands of these lovely ladies could feel so proud and acknowledged publicly for their struggles made me cry all over again (many times). Damn it I've started to feel overwhelmed now, writing this.

    I was whooping like a child at Christmas when they announced it as No.1 and felt a unity of spirit across the globe for all those who proudly wear uniform and the wives & families they leave at home.

    The lovely thing also is that not only were these men and women acknowledged, but that anyone can see the power of music 'as therapy' - especially when it's using your voice and joining together as a group. The magic of 'the choir' released.

  6. Thank you Honiebuk - of course I had to listen to the song again after reading your comments and of course I cried again. This has to be one of the most moving tributes to unselfishness ever.