Thursday, January 19, 2017

Sick But Not Too Sick - R2BC

Lemon tree growing. #SignOfSpring. No lemons yet
Time for another Reasons 2B Cheerful.

The Wizard of Oz
We went to a fabulous performance of the Wizard of Oz. I knew one of my pupils was in it, and her brother whom I taught last year. However, we were greeted at the door by another friend who was assistant director and in the chorus. Another friend designed and painted all the sets. Another friend of DD's was a Munchkin and four other friends' children were also in it. I've said it before - Jerusalem is a small city.

As I was scouring the programme for names of people I know - obligatory, it's rude not to - we met friends from the neighbourhood with their twin boys and an ex-colleague and friend with one of her daughters and 10 of her grandchildren! Then when we sat in our seats we found we were sitting next to another friend and her son. And there were others. Did I mention that Jerusalem is a small city? To be fair, the English speaking community is a sub-set of a small city so it's not unusual to meet people you know on these occasions.

We followed the yellow brick road back to the bus stop afterwards singing all the way.

Sick but not too sick
We woke up for schools (DD's and mine) this morning and we got dressed, Suddenly I heard a deep fog-horn cough from DD. And then another and another. She said that her throat doesn't hurt and that she wants to go to school. I almost let her. But that cough is frighteningly loud and seems to come from somewhere in the depths of her. I'd not be pleased if I were her teacher and she turned up with that cough. I also don't want it to develop into something worse.

Executive decision by me - DD stays home in the warm for the day.

Of course this means I have to stay with her. I wasn't happy about this. I feel a deep guilt about not going into school as other teachers have to cover for me. Even though two of the other English teachers have been off for several days this winter because their children have been ill, I still feel bad about it.

However, I'm home whether I wanted to be or not. And whilst I'm home, I'm catching up on everything while DD watches videos and drinks warm tea. And it's rather nice to have an unexpected Thursday at home. (Check list: Dishes in sink, laundry, blog (done), grading, answer emails, tidy and clean apartment, drink lots of coffee... )

(BTW: At my school and at college many teachers bring their sick children into school with them for the day. Does this happen anywhere else? I know one doesn't want to miss a day of work but there has to be something wrong with a child who is too sick to attend his/her own school/nursery being brought in to spread their germs at another school. What are your experiences in this department? In our case the point is for DD to get better so if I'm dragging her out to my school she may as well be in her own school.)

It's my 6th Blogiversay today! My stats are running at a very healthy (though not viral) 1,000+ views a day. Between you and me, I think I must be being used by some English language schools in Russia, China and India as there seems to be a lot of daily interest from North and East Asia. And my Klout score is a respectable 50. (Those who know what this means will know what I mean.) TOTS100 took a slide this month which was very surprising considering all the other numbers but though I'm down, I'm not out and still trying to claw my way back into the top 1000. I always say that it's the other blogs upping their game rather than me slipping.

All in all it was a good blogging year. Ten more posts than in the previous two years, a fair bit of controversy [no such thing as bad publicity] and I'm still enjoying it so no thoughts about giving it a rest yet. Onwards and upwards. I'm still interested in representing FILOFAX if any FILOFAX honchoes are reading. And a holiday review would be welcome - Eilat? Cyprus? Seeing as I'm in the area already.

Plenty of room to grow. 
Mild  Weather
It's been very mild this week and positively warm on a couple of days - between 14 and 17 degrees C. It makes people have thoughts of spring and [probably falsely] think that the winter is almost over. So even though we may still get snow later, it's lovely to have this reprieve while it lasts.

I'm on the Reasons 2B Cheerful linky over at Mummy from the Heart.


  1. Hope DD is feeling better soon. Happy Blogversary. The show sounds amazing.

    1. Thanks Becky, she went back to school today. The show was very very good. A very high standard considering it's an 'amateur' production.

  2. Congratulations on your blogaversary and the very healthy stats too! Hope the sickness passes soon too xx

    1. Thanks, she developed a headache yesterday but she's fine today and gone back to school. I'm aiming for 1 million hits by next blogiversary - that's 100,000 more than this year.

  3. I've never heard of teacher staking sick kid in as they need to work, it seems very alien to me, I think you made the right move. I hope she is feeling better real soon. Oh and Happy Blogerversary. Mich x

    1. It happens all the time here. Maybe kids are sick more often here because of the cold apartments in the winter? I don't know. I don't like it but it is what it is.