Tuesday, December 12, 2017

First Night

It's traditional to light your candles outside so that everyone can see them.

Tonight was the first night of Hanukkah. We were invited to friends for candle lighting and dinner. It was really lovely. Great company, lots of children, lots of presents, lots of food and lots of fancy doughnuts. If you've never tasted lime and coconut cream doughnuts from a French patisserie you've not lived. Though I have to say that the berries and cream doughnut was also something special. We cut them into quarters and had a tasting fest.

Thank you Sally-Ann!

The amazing doughnuts!

Lots of friends!

You light a taper candle and one extra each day for 8 days.

Playing Dreidels
Painting iced biscuits.
Each biscuit came with a paint brush and four colours.


  1. Happy Hannukah! The doughnuts look amazing! I hope that you have a wonderful week with DD and friends.

  2. Hope everything is OK and that you and DD have had a wonderful Hannukah celebration.

    1. Yes, thanks Margie. We were away for 10 days in London and just got back yesterday. I'll catch up over the coming week. Thanks for asking. And I wish you a lovely Christmas, xxx