Monday, August 22, 2011

Our Kibbutz Holiday

Every morning off to the pool

It wasn't picking oranges or milking the cows, it was just going to stay with our good friends on their Kibbutz. We were originally only going for three days but then were invited to stay for the weekend (with only a little bit of hinting and I accidently mentioned that I had brought Shabbat (Sabbath) clothes with us just in case).

So it was five days of friends (and their wonderful children who played with and entertained DD non-stop), playground, pool, and lots of safe space to run around with no cars or strangers to worry about. We went to see the tropical fish in their little pond a lot. We saw the cows from a distance but experience has taught me that we'll make a closer visit when DD no longer wants to be picked up occasionally (think cowshed floor - DD's shoes - my clothes - got it?).

I couldn't have given DD a holiday this year if it weren't for my wonderful friends on the kibbutz. Big, big thank you! And now for some highlights:

You have to wait for the lifeguard

Lunch in the dining-room (exhausted)

Plenty of down time

Off for a walk with Nadge Junior

On my own in the little pool

I love swimming with Mummy


  1. My oldest DD is the only child to have plunged head first into the fish pond… in her Rosh Hashana best clothes…. about 11 years ago…

  2. You mentioned that before so I spent a lot of time wondering how it could be done. I think they may have child-proofed after that incident as I couldn't find a way over or around the fence.

  3. @Liveotherwise - It was, I've come home relaxed and happy that I could give DD a holiday which we otherwise wouldn't have had. Big thank you to my Kibbutz friends!

  4. Fantastic, friends and chilling - sounds just perfect!

    Glad you enjoyed. Mich x

  5. Mich - we did. And thanks for your best wishes on Nadge's post last week.

  6. Sounds so lovely and tranquil

  7. We love having you :)

  8. Ah, we'll check it out next time. Thanks for the info on how to fall into the fish pond :)