Monday, November 21, 2011

Tracks Of My Years: Three Songs I Have Loved

This post is a result of being tagged by Liska, who is New Mum Online. The original meme was started by Mammy Woo (see the badge) as Music Therapy by sharing the lyrics that have touched your soul over the years. As with all memes, it didn't take long for peeps to 'make it their own'. I particularly enjoyed Anna's choices, I think it may be a generational thing :)
However, Jen at Mum In The Mad House used to have a regular Tracks Of My Years meme - this was my first TOMY post.  My choices are definitely tracks of my years.

Back in the 1960s and my SAH Mum (was there any other kind?) always had the radio on in the kitchen. This is one of the first tracks I remember hearing regularly and even knowing some of the words to. It was recorded by The Seekers who were my Dad's favourite group. I didn't see the film till many many years later but the song, Georgy Girl, is one of my earliest musical memories.

1976 must have been the height of easy listening. It was wall-to-wall Radio 2, even for the young and trendy. I loved it. We had songs like this...

And one of my all time favourites...

Well I was 14 years old in 1976 and this was my idea of love and romance. I had visions of singing through life with Capital Radio providing the background music. I don't apologise :)


  1. Thanks for taking part in the meme.

    I can't listen as I am in bed with Aaron but will tune back in tomorrow to listen to your toons.

    Liska xxx

  2. I know that situation Liska - love to hear your opinion when it's more convenient. Good night :)

  3. I love that clip from Georgy Girl. Never seen the film; now want to!

  4. The film is well worth a viewing Anna. Thanks for commenting.

  5. Aw you've made me want to stick the radio on more! my mum always played music, I am rubbish, all my CDs are boxed up and my ipod needs reloading. I have been tagged for this though, so best get organised!
    Ps thanks for all your lovely comments, you've kept me going through the darkest week of nablopomo x

  6. These songs bring a sense of nostalgia for me, too. I remember listening to "Downtown" when my brother was born & I spent some time with a friend who had a teenage sister.

  7. The A Res - I also don't listen to music much anymore as it's easier to put the tv on but i really got into this once I started trawling youtube. It was fun. And I'm happy to support the nablopomo people.

    JoAnn - funny how a musical memory can be so strong and stick with you for decades. Thanks for commenting.

  8. All great songs, but in particular I love the last one! Emma :)

  9. Emma - It's surprising that it's not better known as so many people have it as a favourite. It was recorded by Glee recently though so maybe it will come back. Thanks.