Friday, June 28, 2013

Pre-K Graduation

One thing Israel does really well is ceremonies and celebrations. Today DD didn't just have her end of pre-kindergarten party, she graduated. Here she is with her certificate.

There was a whole show and ceremony. It started well with all the children marching in singing and waving. Then they had to form three circles and DD didn't know which circle she was supposed to be in (any circle would have done). She promptly burst into tears and spent the rest of the show on my lap. There was one bit where she was persuaded to go back to be a little goat. As you can see, she was there under sufferance and only with the teacher holding her hand. Soon after she returned to my lap. Oh well, there's always next year.

Graduation booty.
We had a celebratory lunch and then we were presented with end-of-year 'party bags'. The big blue picture is one of DD's paintings mounted ready to hang on her wall. The yellow box contains about 20 pieces of her artwork from throughout the year. And the book is something amazing. They put together a personal record of the year, with artwork and photos, for each child.

Here are some pages from DD's book...

This is DD's birthday when she was also the Sabbath Mummy.

Purim with DD in her ladybird costume.

This is when they learnt about letters and they went on a trip to the post office.

The Festival of Weeks when they each took a basket of the first fruits and vegetables to the pretend Temple.


  1. What a fabulous way for her to remember her time at kindergarten. Does she start school now she has graduated?

  2. This year was Pre-K and K together and DD graduated the pre-K. Next year this same place is going to be just K so DD will be continuing with half the students and they have new students coming in to replace the ones going up to 1st grade in September.

  3. What lovely reminders! Congrats to her! :)

  4. I just love the jouyful photo - one proud and delighted face - one to treasure for sure. xx

  5. Bless what a lovely post. She's so cute & happy. My wee boy greafuated too this week x