Monday, June 17, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits 6

DD: Mummy why doesn't anybody like me? Why doesn't anybody want to be my friend? Why doesn't anybody want to play with me in the playground?
Me (tearing up): I'm sure they do. We'll ask the teacher about it tomorrow.
(We asked the teacher and she said everybody loves DD and she has lots of friends.)
Next night.
DD: Mummy I know everybody loves me and I have lots of friends but why don't they want to play with me in the playground?
(I think this is progress - I think.)

I have a problem with genders in Hebrew grammar. It comes (I assume) from being used to an 'a' ending being feminine e.g. Daniel/Daniella, David/Davida, Michael/Michaela, etc... In Hebrew the 'a' is usually the masculine form e.g. at (you, fem.) ata (you, masc.) and aseet (you did, fem.) aseeta (you did, masc.).
DD (in Hebrew): Ma aseeti? (What did I do?)
Me: I don't know, ma aseeta?
Me: Sorry. Ma aseet?
(That told me.)

DD (calling from her bed): Mummy why is everybody 5 and just only me is still 4?
Me: Some children are still 4.
DD: Who?
Me: I don't remember, we'll ask the teacher tomorrow.
DD (sobbing): Waaaaah I don't want to be the only one who's 4. Waaaaah.
Me: Go to sleep.

Me: Hello Daughter.
DD: I don't want to be a daughter, I want to be a sister.
Me: Can you be a sister without any brothers or sisters?
DD: Yes, of course.
Me: OK. Hello Sister.
DD (smiling)Hello Mummy.

DD: I'm so excited I'm going to be 5.
Me: Not for another half a year.
DD: Yes, of course. I'm going to be 5 and I'm going to have a party.
Me: It's quite a long time till your birthday Darling.
DD: Can I have a picture of the sky and the grass and a river and a house and some children and a flower and a bee and a butterfly and the sun with a smiling face on my cake?
Me: I don't know. I'm not that clever at baking cakes.
DD: Yes, of course you are. (Thinks for a moment) Make sure you put some white in the sun's eyes not just brown because brown and white is more proper than just brown. (Thinks again) Or maybe I'll just have a 5 cake.


  1. I know it's a while away, but for her birthday cake you can get her to draw a picture of exactly what she wants on it, and then scan it and for about 40 shekels get it printed on edible sugar paper, and then stick it on a homebaked iced cake - she will love the fact that she drew the picture on her cake!

  2. What a lovely blog post! That first one got me - I'm going through the same thing with my daughter. She's sensitive and a bit pessimistic and holds onto and magnifies the smallest slight. Unlike her sister who is naturally confident and resilient and not bothered by much. I am slowly learning not to worry TOO much, it's just the way she is.

    1. Thanks for sharing that Jackie. It's upsetting to hear but I think I may just have a 'glass half empty' personality here.

  3. You had better get your shopping list ready :o) Six months away, and she is already making her birthday plans. X.