Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits 7

DD (from the toilet): Whoa!
Me (calling from another room): What happened?
DD: I almost fell in the toilet. Whoa! You almost didn't have a girl. Whoa!
Me: Whoa!

More DD observations on The Sound Of Music
Singing along: Shalom, farewell, da da da da, goodbye-aye....

We are a little obsessed with who's going up to 1st Grade after the summer and who's staying in Kindergarten for another year. We are staying in K. When the children march down the stairs...
DD: That big girl, she's olah le kita yood! Whoa! (She's going up to 10th Grade!)

DD: I want to be in that song with Maria.
Me: Which song?
DD: ALL of them.

DD: Mummy I love you so much. Let's get married.
Me: You can't marry your mummy. You have to marry someone else.
DD: Awwww, why not? I want to.
Another time, after I used the word 'no' on the subject of ice-cream...
DD: Right, that's it! I'm not your friend! I'm not getting married with you! You can marry someone else!


  1. Oh, she's such a ticket your girl - Who nearly fell down the toilet! Shalom, farewell...love it!

    xx Jazzy