Friday, July 27, 2018

Summer Fun - R2BC

The Forest Pool, Jerusalem
We've managed to fit in lots of summer fun despite me having to be in college three days this past week. So here are my Reasons 2B Cheerful. If you came here via Michelle's Mummy from the Heart, welcome and here's to the power of the linky.

Cooler weekends
The weather here has been unbearably hot (up to 36 degrees) during the week but so far every weekend for the past three weeks it has cooled down to a manageable 28, and it will be 28 again tomorrow.

So far DD has been taken to a theme park one week, a fun fair another week, and to the pool with me the third week.

I am also grateful for the cool evenings and nights in Jerusalem. By 7 pm the heat is off and by 8 pm it's almost cold outside.

We had a lovely day by the pool in the Jerusalem Forest. We went with our Summer Holiday Family and some others so we were a group of five adults and seven children. The kids had a blast with a bouncy castle and a (very small) water slide to add to the fun.

The only downer to the day was that I bought DD swimming goggles from the kiosk there and one lens fell out after 10 minutes. They wouldn't replace them as I'd looked at them first and had been told that there was no guarantee. But 10 minutes! So we will be going back because it's a lovely pool but we won't be buying anything from the kiosk.

The Mermaids in the Lagoon
Peter Pan
We were invited to go and see the Jelly Workshop production of Peter Pan. Last year they did Return to Narnia and it was excellent and very creative. They hung coats in the entrance doorway so the audience felt like they were entering Narnia as they came into the theatre.

This year was just as creative and just as much fun. The workshop is a group of kids from 9 to 14 (? I'm guessing) who come together for three weeks in the summer, meeting every weekday for a number of hours. The director writes a basic play but they adapt it, make all the props and scenery, and finally perform the finished play for parents and friends.

It was lovely and DD is thinking about joining it next year.

I only took one photo so as not to interfere with the show - it's the mermaids in the lagoon. Very cleverly done.

I'm hoping this qualifies as a Cultured Kids event as I'm joining the linky over at Emma's A Bavarian Sojourn. 


  1. 36 degrees sounds awful and 28 still too hot. It's down to 18 degree here today, and I'm a lot more comfortable. Glad the pool day was good, but surprised that you don't have comeback on the goggles: they wouldn't be considered as fit for purpose under Irish law if they broke after 10 minutes! Hope you manage lots more summer fun in the weeks ahead xx

    1. 36 degrees was awful - you can't go out unless it's absolutely necessary. (Well you can if you go in an a/ced car to an a/ced building or mall but we don't have a car. And yes, very little customer service in the Middle East.

  2. We've finally had a bit of a break in our weather (WAY too many days over 30C and feeling like 40C) - and we even got a few days of rain this week which has helped everyone's gardens. It only went up to 24C today (first time it's been this cool in about a month) so I took advantage and did some cooking - even turned on the oven! It looks to stay in the mid 20C with rain for most of the upcoming week so I'm hoping that means that I will have a bit more energy to get things done!
    Sounds as though you are both having a lovely summer so far - I hope that it continues over the next few weeks so that you get a good rest. I had a fun week - visited the Bata Shoe Museum on Wednesday for a new exhibit and then met my theatre group last night to see "The King & I" - it was a fabulous production and the actors had amazing voices so we really enjoyed it. Not much scheduled for next week so hopefully no distractions while I try to tick a few things off that very long "TO DO" list! Have fun.

    1. We have also cooled down to a manageable 27 for a few days. A shoe museum sounds interesting. And I love The King and I. I wish you another enjoyable and productive (re the TO DO list) week. xxx

  3. These workshops are a fantastic source of creativity for kids. Thank goodness the weather is cooling down! #CULTUREDKIDS

  4. Yes, yay for the cooler weather. I really hope that DD does this workshop next year as I agree that it gives them a lot in all sorts of confidence and creativity building ways.

  5. Ohh I think the Jelly workshop sounds great, that will be fab next year for DD if she gets involved and I really want to visit that pool but not experience 36 degrees! Mich x

    1. We try to stay in when it's in the mid-30s. But the great thing about Jerusalem is that it gets cool in the evenings and through the night.

  6. Hi there, I loved reading about that kids workshop, it looks fabulous! It is exactly the kind of thing that my kids would adore! The way they represented mermaids is so creative! I'm glad you get to enjoy some cooler nights. Sorry about the crappy goggles!#CulturedKids

    1. Thanks, we sucked it up and bought a new pair of goggles. :)