Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits #34 - Heaven And Earth

DD: There's no such thing as ghosts is there?
Me: No
DD: Right, it's just dead people in heaven doing things.

Watching a video with a girl talking about her birth parents and her adopted parents. 
Me: Do you know what adopted means?
DD: Yes it means if you need a new mummy and daddy like if your birth parents die or if they're frozen or something like that.

After learning about The Creation at school.
DD: But when did the dinosaurs appear?
Me: Good question, ask your teacher.

DD: But how did Elohim  create the world out of nothing?
Me: Because Elohim can do everything.
DD: Yes that's what everyone says but the question is how did he actually do it? That's the question.
Me: If you study hard in science you can help all the scientists who are trying to find out.
DD: Well that sounds a bit boring.
Me: Well if you want answers to difficult questions you have to work hard to find them.
DD; Nah, what do I really need to know that for?


  1. How lovely these questions change over the years - and the answers are less ready! X

    1. Yes I'm finding that. I thought I knew about life until I became a mother and realized how much information I'm missing.

  2. From Margie in Toronto - Love your response to #3! :-)

  3. So, she's starting to work them out for herself then....by deciding she doesn't really need to know! So funny, I really enjoy these and can't believe I nearly missed this one! xx

    1. I love the pragmatism - effort required weighed against need to know.