Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits #36

DD (playing with plasticine): Whats your most favourite thing in the world?
Me: Sandwiches.
DD: Hmmm I don't think I can make a sandwich. What's your second most favourite thing in the word?
Me: You are.
DD: Well I can't make me, I'm too hard. HEY! Aren't I supposed to be your first most favourite thing?

DD went to play with her friend whose 2yo brother kept hitting them.
DD: It's exhausting at x's house.
Me: Why?
DD: You know, because of... what's it called?
Me: What?
DD: You know, that hitting thing.

After hearing Jon Pritikin speaking at school
Me (thinking about Jon's inpsiring message): Wasn't he fantastic?
DD: Yes. Were all those things that he broke in half real?
Me: Yes, but what about the important message he told you?
DD: Yes I remember it: You must never do these things at home!
Me: Not that message. What about no child eats alone or plays by herself in the breaks?
DD; Oh yes he did say that but the most important message was never never never do those things at home.

We were asked to bring all our vegetable waste into school for the new composter. There were two 6th Grade girls taking the names of everyone who brought a bag of waste. 
DD: Why do they need our names?
Me: Everyone who brings some waste for the composter gets a baby lettuce to plant and gets to take part in a prize draw.
DD: Really? We give them our stinky rubbish and they give us prizes? Hilarious.


  1. From Margie in Toronto - Love #4! :-)

  2. So, a sandwich beats mum? But, darling girl.... ya can't have one without the other! Unless she wants to make it herself! Love these posts, she rocks! xx

  3. No a sandwich seemed to beat daughter - but it doesn't really. :)