Thursday, November 10, 2016

Reasons 2B Cheerful - Just Hanging

Working from home
The Weekend
It's the end of the week and I don't teach again until Monday. That's a 3-day weekend, every week. Well not really as tomorrow I have to do my weekly shop, go to the post office, clean the house, cook for shabbat, and do some grading. And on Sunday I have to meet with students in college, But no actual teaching means no pressure and it feels like a mini holiday every Thursday afternoon.

Sugar Free
Almost three weeks into my no sugar campaign. It's going well and I've not cheated once. I'll probably blog about when I've reached the one full month mark.

US Elections
The US elections are over and I can have my facebook feed back, full of nice conversations with friends and acquaintances about all sorts of other things.

A Broken Tablet
It's new. We only got it about seven weeks ago, She dropped it on the tile floor and the screen shattered. So we have to get it fixed and we will, And DD is going to pay for the repair out of her closely guarded pocket money that she counts and recounts but will not spend except for in an emergency situation like this one. Yeah I'm annoyed but on the other hand, shes stopped carrying the blasted thing around like an extension of her arm. She has got the old laptop in her bedroom to play on but at least that doesn't come into the living room or my bedroom with her. So yes, I'm cheerful about it. We may even make some more progress on the reading front.

TOTS100 Ranking
Whilst I'm not obsessive about the blog stats like I once was, it was irritating to drop from the top 500 to almost 1,500 in less than a year. These past three months I've been clawing my way back and with an 140-something gain this month I'm almost back into the top 1,000. Not that it makes any difference whatsoever and I don't even try to compete with the new generation of professional bloggers and vloggers, but still, I have my pride.

There is no 6. I was just kidding.

I'm linking up with all the good people with R2BC over at Mummy from the Heart.


  1. Lol to number 6! I am jealous of your 3 day weekend..

    Well done on moving back up. Not sure how I keep staying in top 500 but think that's more down to my Instagram..

    1. Yes Instagram and vlogs play a big part theses days. Also your Klout score which is linked to Linkd-in. Unless you are making business of it, it's a real business.

  2. Laughing at you and there is no no 6! and you mean Mummy being happy about the broken tablet, they do have to learn though. Have a great long weekend (every weekend). Mich x

    1. Thanks Mich. Our first weekend without the tablet. I'm interested to see what happens. :)

  3. Love the working from home picture! Hope life gets a little more relaxing for you now, and well done on heading back up the Tots, as you know it all got too much for me. Look forward to reading your sugar update - I think I forgot to tell you that my son is doing the same thing....

    Have a lovely week xxx

    1. I would love to hear how he does and how it affects him if you are allowed to write about it - which you probably aren't.