Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Like Stars On Earth

At age six you expect and hope that your child will learn to read. 
My fifth graders were taken to the library to watch a film today. As it ran over their English lesson I went too. It's an Indian film called Taare Zameen Par. We show it in the original Hindi with Hebrew subtitles. In Hebrew it's called Kochavim Al Pnei Ha'adama (Stars on the Face of the Earth). In the English version it's called Like Stars On Earth. Both versions are on You Tube.

About five minutes into the film I find myself tearing up. By the end of the first half hour I'm sobbing. At one hour all the children are laughing at me as I try to mop up my face with a disintegrating tissue.

During the break (it's 2 hours 42 minutes long) one sweet girl came to me and said, "Hamorah Rachel (Teacher Rachel), I've seen the end before and it's going to be okay."

A lot of the film is in English even in the Hindi version. I can follow the Hebrew subtitles enough to get the gist of what's going on. However, I came home, found it in English, and watched the whole thing again.

The film is about an eight year old boy with dyslexia. In our school they show it to all the fifth grade every year. Personally, I think every teacher should see it. And every parent. Every child who has dyslexia and/or any other learning difficulty and every child who doesn't but who has friends should see this film. Anyone who works with children or who knows children would do well to see it. Have I covered everyone yet? If not, all those not mentioned above should definitely watch this film.

Taare Zameen Par, Like Stars on Earth, Kochavim Al Pnei Ha'adama. Whatever your language, please watch this film.


  1. You have me well intrigued now, and very impressed that a film like this would be shown to all school children x