Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Tuesday Tidbits #43 - No Honestly

An Honest Reply
Me: DD! Do you want to see this photo of me as a baby that my cousin just sent me?
DD: Nah. It'll probably be boring.

An Honest Mistake
DD: Can you make orange soup. I feel like having orange soup.
(Delighted that she wants something healthy I go and buy carrots, pumpkin, sweet potato and onions. I make orange soup, Unfortunately DD comes in and sees it before I've had a chance to liquidize it.)
DD: What's that? Ugh it's got vegetables in it.
Me: It's your orange soup that you asked for.
DD: I didn't want it with vegetables in it! Take those vegetables out!
Me: You don't take them out, you blend them in,
DD: No, take them out! I don't want them blended in! Take them out! I know I asked for orange soup but I didn't want it made with vegetables! NOW TAKE THEM OUT!
(Reader, I have had delicious orange soup for supper every day this week. And there's still some in jars in the freezer.)

An Honest Misunderstanding
This one is from my adult students learning English as a foreign language. 
Me (with a wondrous look on my face): Did anyone see the supermoon last night?
Class (after a moment of stunned silence): Superman? Did she ask if we saw Superman last night? 

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