Monday, November 14, 2016

Super Moon

I dragged DD out to see the supermoon over Jerusalem. It was a balmy November evening and she wore her flipflops because she couldn't be bothered to put her socks and shoes on again. I should have checked out the camera beforehand to make sure the batteries were charged. Oh well, luckily I had my phone.

We met fellow travelers along the way to the park for the historic event. DD shlumped along the road muttering to herself, "boring......boring.......boring........boring, etc...." I tried to explain to her that the last supermoon was 68 years ago in 1948 and the next one won't be until she's 25 years old in 2034. "Boring....... boring.......boring.....boring, etc....," until we reached the park and she found some of her friends there.

There were a few other miseries besides DD who swore they'd seen bigger moons over the summer. I thought it was absolutely super. A real supermoon of the first order.

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